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Blog _ View from Federal Twist _ James Golden

American garden expert James Golden blogs about two of my gardens!
This is the result of his visit last summer with Carex Tours, led by Carolyn Mullet.

We visited a watercourse garden that we realised last year, and the Japanese Water garden.

I am impressed by his keen eye, the things he notices and the way in which he can then translate them into words.

Quote: ‘Van Mierlo says his gardens are about making connections. Just as his design approach is one of collaboration, a bringing together of parts, making many creative talents work in unison for a single goal, so too aims for all the parts of the garden-stones, trees, structures, paving, water, plants-to achieve a unity of effect and feeling.

I think he certainly achieves that end. These are extraordinary gardens.’

Cool to read. Thank you James!

Click on the picture below for the story.




03 January 2017

Photo reportage of this garden
Japanese water garden | Winner SGD Award 2019


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