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New coverage _ Shou Sugi Ban

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Yes, the entrance and front yard of the Japanese water garden now a fact!

Just as in the Japanese backyard, we worked with large stones, lots of perennials and beautiful trees. For example, you can clearly see that the Maidenhair tree (Ginkgo biloba) is both in the front and in the back yard. Special attention goes out to the corten steel portals at the front door and in the garden. These give the garden a contemporary look, which in the evening is enhanced by the beautiful lighting.

Our proposal also included covering the garage with Shou Sugi Ban wood. The customer immediately said yes! Before the garage is white and an merely an extension of the house. By covering it with the black wood the house is placed a little deeper on the plot and the garage becomes a modern and quirky eye-catcher.

The special Shou Sugi Ban fire technique is inspired by ancient Japanese traditions. Softwood is burned on one side, giving it a unique layer of carbon. The primal strength of the fire remains visible in the color and texture of the wood.

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05 November 2018


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