Family garden with bold pavillion

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Family garden with bold pavillion

Because of the grandchildren the existing pond had to be filled up. There was also a wish for a rural garden with a canopy and BBQ and a large lawn where the kids could play.

The sturdy pavilion is situated on the spot where daily life takes place. Close to the kitchen and the entrance of the garden. The beautiful canopy is made of oak, red cedar, galvanized steel and is nicely fitted between the different roofs of the house and the barn.

At the location of the floating deck the old pond is filled up. The hole is partly maintained and planted with natural planting.
The entire garden is decorated with beautiful boulders from Luxembourg and ornate yew clouds. Tight lines alternated with soft lines, modern materials alternated with traditional solutions. A place that feels good for the whole family.

Thanks to a thoughtful design and by choosing oak and acacia wood, reuse (floor – paving) and boulders from Luxembourg, this garden is a good example of sustainability. A place where people, nature and architecture become one!

Garden design
Van Mierlo Tuinen

Paul Casteleijn Hoveniers

Design garden pavilion
Van Mierlo Tuinen

Noël van Mierlo


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