Natural swimming pond garden | IOB Award 2015

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Natural swimming pond garden | IOB Award 2015

This beautiful swimming pond garden is a place straight from the heart. A garden to come home to and recharge your batteries. Natural wellness at its best. Enjoy the sauna with a beautiful panorama of the garden. A refreshing dip in the natural swimming pond. Lounging and sunbathing on the terrace. And in the evening you can sit and enjoy a good book and a nice glass of wine by the fireplace in the country house. Experience your nature!

This exterior shows the seasons in a beautiful way with its rich planting. A swimming pond is attractive to see year round. Unlike a rolling deck covering a pool, this view fully participates in this natural garden. This garden has been chosen as the most beautiful swimming pond in Europe!

A special highlight is the tulip tree on a large lawn where it is cool which makes it ideal to play on the swing under. The red gutters in the garden ensure that your gaze is led through the garden. Anchor points that follow the organic contours of the garden.

This garden has recently been included in this amazing book:
The Gardens of Eden | New Residential Garden Concepts & Architecture for a Greener Planet.

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IOB Award 2015

Gestalten Book _ Gardens of Eden
Jardin contemporains _ La vie en vert
Sunday Business Post _ Time to go Dutch

Garden design
Van Mierlo Tuinen

Van Mierlo Tuinen

Design outdoor living + sauna
Van Mierlo Tuinen

Photography / video
Noël van Mierlo


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