The stream garden

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The stream garden – An immersive natural garden with rock based water stream.

This remarkable nature garden is located at the river Maas near Waspik. The meandering watercourse that runs through the garden is directly connected to the river and is full of life such as small fish, crayfish and mussels.

The garden has an irresistible appeal to children who are in the neighbouring marina. They are always playing near the water and jumping over the rocks. That is exactly was what intended, because the garden is for a part accessible for visitors and their kids. It’s great to see it working out in practice.

The garden also has a private area by the house, where you are surrounded by beautiful flower borders and sloping paths that invite you to explore. The owners walk through the garden every day and enjoy the seasons, the birds and the ever-changing light. Every morning the sun rises on the horizon and gives you the perfect panorama to start the day with a smile.

It has become a unique piece of nature where people, birds and insects feel completely at home.

The photo-reportage above was done in summer, and later on in autumn. The video below is broadcast on Dutch national television. The show is called Home & Garden.


Groei&Bloei _ Op avontuur
View from Federal Twist _ James Golden

Garden design
Van Mierlo Tuinen

Totaaltuin Leende

Noël van Mierlo (zomer) en Caroline Piek (herfst)

Noël van Mierlo


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